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MakeNoise Mysteron - Retrometabolism

from Richard Devine

This patch was inspired from the Industrial Guitar Tones patch from the Mysteron Manual via (Walker Farrell (@VortexRanger). Instead of using a DPO in tune to a fth, or octave + above Mysteron I used a intelljiel quantizer, shifting through a 5 note scale, which was running into the Pitch1 input. The output was then put into a Synthesis Technology E580 resampling mini-delay, setting the offset time very low, while setting the feedback almost at 90%. Mix was set at 50%, while the offset CV control was being controlled by channel 1 output on the Modcan Quad LFO, which was being clocked by the SSF Ultra Random. The output from here was sent to the MakeNoise Erbverb reverb, that was being controlled by the seed out on the Animatter BrainSeed module, which was clocked from a SSF UltraRandom and using the A, A/B and B S&H outputs going into the “type”, !!, “generation”and “depth” inputs. 4 note low bassline using one MakeNoise STO sequenced from one Brains and Pressure Points, running and /8 clocked speed from the A-160 Clock/Trigger Divider. Purple noise output creating the micro hi-hats triggered swing triplets via the 4ms QCD, and slow white noise rises from the SSF white noise output, controlled by a Dixie “triangle” wave output running and synced at a slow rate. Noise output then running into the Mungo d0 adding little glitches to the signal. The kick drum is the Tiptop 808 BD, set with a very short decay time, sequenced from channel 1 on the TriggerMan. Rich 4 part harmony chords recorded from a Roland Jupiter-6, and then played from the Qu-Bit Nebulae module triggered in time by a divided 32 from the doepfer A-160 to reset loop playback with the entire sequence. Reverb throws from multiplied output from Mysteron into the intelljiel HexVCA, channel 6 being opened by channel 4 random S&H output from the Modcan Quad LFO. Scattered single notes via the Mutable Instruments Braids triggered by the intelljiel “uscale”, 16 note lowpass gate openings via the Optomix.

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Excerpts from Aaron Zarzutzki, Zach Moore, & Frank Rosaly @ Myopic

from John Dworkin

More performance videos, and some of my accompanying write-ups, can be found at

white whale - possibilities

from tehn

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Phase Shifter Demos by Pittsburgh Modular

The Pittsburgh Modular Phase Shifter is a complex, 16 stage, analog effect module designed to expand on the classic swirls, rich swooshes, and doppler effects associated with the phaser.

Frank Bretschneider experimenting with the Buchla Modular Synthesizer at EMS, Stockholm

by Haunt Everest

Elektronmusikstudion (EMS) is the Swedish centre for electroacoustic music and sound art. The research organization started in 1964 and is based in Stockholm with six studios and a library consisting of a large collection of books about electronic music and sound art. EMS also organizes courses, various events and artist in residence activities. Between 14-27 July, EMS hosted Frank Bretschneider who – after working more than 20 years with digital sounds – was eager to submerge into the analog technology of the legendary Buchla and Serge modular synthesizers. On this occasion, we’ve talked to the co-founder of Raster-Noton to find out more about what is so special about these machines, and his current plans to shift from digital towards analog directions. Frank explains why computer sounds made such a big impression on him when he was younger, and strolling down memory lane he also shares his experiences with mono turning to stereo, raising the question what else is out there which could make such an enormous difference within the limits of perceptible sound.
Read our interview here:

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Testing our new Low Pass Gate

by Tiptop Audio

Testing our LPG circuit, sounds sweet and snappy. Circadian Rhythms on the left, all sounds, sequences and effects are Tiptop modules. Enjoy (:

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Verbos Electronics Dual Four Pole Filter
by manmade madman

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Verbos Electronics Complex Oscillator demo
by manmade madman

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4 TTSH patches by Stephen Drake

Four kind of basic patches - two from the ARP 2600 patch book, the R2D2 patch, and some random fader mess. Not my TTSH - I built it for someone else, the third one I’ve built, and except for some short time with these I have virtually no 2600 experience, so forgive obvious mistakes.


New things taking shape.

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Morton Subotnick


Morton Subotnick

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