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Intellijel Metropolis opus 1

by Dylan Brown

Simple sequence with Intellijel’s Metropolis showcasing the aux in used to change the root of the scale via sequenced Pressure Points. Pitch is routed through ALM Beast’s Chalkboard and octaves are switched manually.
Cwejman VCO-2RM
Cwejman DMF-2
Modcan Dual Delay
Intellijel Dubmix and Aux Expander
Lexicon 224

aleph prototype life modulator echo cutter

by tehn

shot and edited by kelli cain www.kellicain.com/about
performed by brian crabtree and trent gill.

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Sound Demo : Theis Modular Synthesizer - Soft Filter

by Ace Alive

My first Patch on my TMSS (Theis Modular Synthesizer System) with the Soft Filter.

Sequenced by Theis Dual Skip Sequencer, LFOs from my Curetronic Modular.

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still the king

by donaldjasoncrunk

Decided to return to a program that i used to use quite a lot - Numerology. The lunchbox is being sequenced via two seperate stacks, through a DD5. i forgot how amazing this sequencer is!

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Easel Feedback with Reverb

by Todd Barton

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serge vs buchla benge

by zack dagoba

vintage Serge and Buchla 100 modular synths swinging together.
See http://myblogitsfullofstars.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/serge-vs-buchla.html for more

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Epoch Benjolin Tutorial

by James Cigler

Feature overview and demonstration of the Benjolin eurorack module by Epoch Modular


Braids Pluck aleatoric melody

by Peter Speer

Braids in “Pluck” string synthesis mode.
Clocking via Maths, Function, Echophon and Shuffling Clock Multiplier
—Maths Ch. 1 controls the timebase for the note clusters and clocks the SCM
—SCM triggers Braids
—Function decides when new notes will be created (via Quantimator’s Hold input) and clocks the Echophon and Wogglebug, and engage’s Math Ch.1’s Cycle input
—the Echophon acts as a clock divider and drives Brains Sequencing via Wogglebug, Pressure Points/Brains and Quantimator
—Wogglebug’s Stepped out is sent to the Quantimator’s voltage input
—Pressure Points Row 1 is sent to the Quantimator’s transpose input
Timing modulation: Wogglebug and Maths
Tremolo: Dr. Octature + A-132-3
Filtering: Z-DSP (serial HPF —> BPF program)


Buchla Music Easel Quick Start & Overview

by BEMI - Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments

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Paper Cuts Live at modularne.meet IV

by Paper Cuts

Live modular synthesizer and drums performance. Place: Laboratorium CSW (Center for Contemporary Arts) in Warsaw, Poland. Time: September 11, 2013. Unfortunately, audio straight from the camera.

Paper Cuts on Bandcamp: papercuts2013.bandcamp.com/
Paper Cuts on Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Paper-Cuts/150815495106190

Minicomputers became affordable, and Don built the first hybrid (digitally controlled analog synthesizer) - the 500 series (1971).
- via Buchla Historical Overview.

(Source: teleharvester, via simulacreant)

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Audio Damage - GrainShift/Errorbox/DubJr - Patch1

from Richard Devine

First late night jam with the new Audio Damage effects for Eurorack. Everything is being triggered/clocked via the Tiptop TriggerRiot. Kick drum source is the Cwejman BLD running into the “ADM02” Grainshift, turning the kick drum into granulated mush. Next source is the Z output from the Synthesis Technology E350 running into one MakeNoise - modDemix then sent to a TipTop Z5000, for intermittent CV control verb. The analog hand-clap from the Din Sync DrumDokta DRM-110 running into the “ADM01” DubJr Delay. Which is being strangled and mangled by one stepped output from the MakeNoise Wogglebug, which is also being clocked from the Trigger Riot. One sine output from the DPO running into another Optomix, triggered by channel A from Trigger Riot for synthetic double style FM high-hats, which is running into the Errorbox being slightly degraded and crushed. CV inputs Pitch and Chaos on the Grainshift controlled by erratic CV plot movements from the Rene sequencer (also clocked from the Trigger Riot). Bouncing ball effect from the MakeNoise Maths V2 channel output one, from FM Intellijel Rubicon, then sent to intellijel Planar for panning zigzag movements also being controlled by Maths V2, channel output 4. Drones running from the Mutable Instruments Braids into the Eventide Space reverb pedal fully wet mix. audiodamage.com/hardware/

I’ve been building this system since February, and, after more than 2000 hours, it’s finally complete.

It’s a custom-format, +/-15v 4U banana system, based on 1.75” (1RU) wide modules, with strict depth and power requirements - 80mm boats, 70mm module depth, 100mA max per module space. The in-case power regulators in this, as a whole, are capable of +/-3A, is 2cm thick, and run cool at full load . All of the circuits are my own designs, from scratch - prototyped, tested, boards designed, boards stuffed and wired. The same goes for the case, panels and power components, too.

This system is my end of high-school major work project for a course I’m doing, hence the urgent schedule.

Modules Include:
Oscillator, Filter, VCA, Modulation Generator, Mixer, Audio Interface, MIDI Interface, Quantizer, Clock Source, Random Source, Utilities (Attenuverter, Comparator, Offset) and, my personal favourite, a 16x6 step sequencer with pressure sensitive (FSR) keys.

(Source: muffwiggler.com)

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