I’ve been building this system since February, and, after more than 2000 hours, it’s finally complete.

It’s a custom-format, +/-15v 4U banana system, based on 1.75” (1RU) wide modules, with strict depth and power requirements - 80mm boats, 70mm module depth, 100mA max per module space. The in-case power regulators in this, as a whole, are capable of +/-3A, is 2cm thick, and run cool at full load . All of the circuits are my own designs, from scratch - prototyped, tested, boards designed, boards stuffed and wired. The same goes for the case, panels and power components, too.

This system is my end of high-school major work project for a course I’m doing, hence the urgent schedule.

Modules Include:
Oscillator, Filter, VCA, Modulation Generator, Mixer, Audio Interface, MIDI Interface, Quantizer, Clock Source, Random Source, Utilities (Attenuverter, Comparator, Offset) and, my personal favourite, a 16x6 step sequencer with pressure sensitive (FSR) keys.

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